lost city chimney
Warm hydrothermal fluids venting from a Lost City chimney. Photo credit: Chief Scientist Susan Lang / NSF / ROV Jason / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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Lost City Hydrothermal Field

The Lost City is a beautiful seafloor formation with unique scientific and cultural value. It is under consideration for special protection by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and International Union for Conservation of Nature. The Lost City is also featured in many studies on the origin of life and the search for life in the solar system.

“Return to Lost City” Expedition

In 2018, the “Return to Lost City” expedition, aboard the R/V Atlantis with ROV Jason, collected many high-quality samples of venting fluids and chimney biofilms from the Lost City hydrothermal field. The expedition was funded by the National Science Foundation with additional support from the NASA Astrobiology Institute Rock-Powered Life Team, the Sloan Foundation’s Deep Carbon Observatory, and the NSF-funded Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations.

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